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Meet the Crew

Jim Shearer, Owner

Since 1988, El Capitan of The TSOB Corporation

Jim Shearer has been in the bartending industry since the 1980's when he worked the Dallas club scene. Starting Texas School of Bartenders in 1988 in Austin Texas on South Congress Ave, Jim has expanded the company to 8 locations under the Texas School of Bartenders name. Jim has won multiple awards at both World Bartender Competitions (Orlando) and in the business world. He is a licensed fishing guide and a dead shot with a shotgun.

James Womack, Director of Education, Texas School of Bartenders Austin

James Womack is a VITAL employee of the TSOB corporation. He handles just about EVERYTHING there is at the Austin school. If you want info on the 512 - he is the man.

Boogie McCutcheon, Owner

Boogie McCutcheon started with the TSOB family way back in 2002. Since then he has helped transform the Houston market for bartending schools and also expanded the TSOB branch to a North location on FM 1960. When he isn't asnwering phone calls, enrolling students, helping place students in awesome jobs - he can generally be found knocking the snot out of a golf ball (and usually holding one of those cold daddys like above).