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Infusions...or, stick this is there

One of the hottest crazes in the industry today, aside from the re-emergence of classic cocktails which I wrote about here, is alcohol infusions. Infusing liquors is one of the best ways to create different flavor profiles in your cocktails and, believe it or not, it is insanely easy to do. 


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A Brief History of Everything (and by "Everything" I mean "Beer")

If you are anything like me you are sitting at your desk at work with a nice, cold, frosty beer in your hand (if my boss is reading this, it's totally apple juice). But did you ever stop to think about the history of that liquid uberness that you have? Many a millennia have brought us down the drunken road to where we are today and I would like to share with you a bit of what I have learned staggering down that road. 

Most people know that beer, malted beverages and wine alike, are thousands of years old but to pinpoint an exact date on the creation of beer is nigh impossible. The Chinese have been brewing rice into alcohol for over 9000  years but they turned that into a drink closer to wine. Beer brewed from barley, as we know it today, dates back about 3000 years before the birth of our 8 pound 6 ounce savior Baby Jesus. Coincidentally enough, it comes to us right around the corner from Baby J's birthplace in the land of Sumeria which is now present-day Iraq.

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Bar Etiquette 101

We have all been there; whether the liquored up vet or the teetotaler that is new to to the bar scene we have ALL at one time been accused of being 'that guy' (read: douchebag). 

So what is a guy or gal supposed to do to learn the ropes of the bar industry to make sure the bag tag doesn't stick for life? Well my friends, you have come to the right place. First off, the unequivocally and universal truths that you will find in any gin joint in all the world is contained in the pic at the top of this post. If you skipped over it, please look up at it now. It's fine we will wait....If you did see it before you started reading, look at it again. Burn this into the grey matter between your ears kiddos. THE BARTENDER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!! Now that we have the two commandments out of the way, on to what you should NEVER do to your bartender.

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A Spirit So Divine The Angels Demand a Share

Born of fire, wood, smoke, and grain. The barrel aged nectar of the gods known as whiskey is the reason we are gathered here today. Since I am at work and can't drink whiskey (as far as my boss knows), I thought I would school you a wee bit on my favorite spirit. 


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Drinking for the win!

It's Super Bowl time kiddos and that can mean only one thing....TIME FOR A DRINKING GAME! Now normally on this blog I espouse the beauty of all things distilled but, even for big boy drinkers, its time to put away the hard liquor and stick to beer unless you want your liver to end up like a scene from "Saw".  Grab a cold one (or eleventy), pick a team , and LET'S DO THIS!! 


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The Martini Manifesto

The Martini; quite possible the most enigmatic cocktail in the world today. Once hailed as "The only American invention as perfect as a Shakespearean sonnet", the martini has now become a bastardized version of a cocktail that is hardly recognizable as nothing short of a miasma of fruit flavors that is basically diabetes in a glass. Today, we eschew all the frou-frou, neon colored, sickly sweet "martinis" and get back to the roots of the king of cocktails.

The history of the martini has been the subject of a much heated debate that has been raging for the last century and a half. The first published recipe for a martini as we know it appeared in the Bartenders Manual circa 1888. The Italian wine company Martini & Rossi claims that the drink was invented and named for their brand of vermouth 6 years later. However, the oldest claim (and most credible if you ask me) comes from the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco. It is speculated that the martini evolved from a cocktail named the "Martinez" cocktail that was named after a town 10 miles northeast of Frisco.  Of course the good people of Martinez say that the cocktail was invented there, not in the city by the bay. But enough about history, I really don't want to put you people to sleep. 

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Stay toasty and get toasted

The crisp breeze blows through the trees and makes the autumnal leaves dance like botanical fireworks. Temperatures plummet into the 50's and turn Texas into the redneck Arctic. The windows fly open and the fireplaces come out of hibernation. The Astros are dead and buried. The Texans and Cowboys suck. My fantasy football team, The Romosexuals, sits atop the league in first place (of course). Pumpkin flavoring is in everyfarkingthing. This can only mean one thing.....the devil's blast of breath is finally over and FALL IS HERE! 


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How old do you have to be to bartend???

I have been talking to people about the bartending business for a VERY long time. Without fail one of the top questions I am always asked is, "How old do you have to be to bartend in Texas?".

It always amazes me that a bunch of fairly intelligent people don't know the answer to this question. I guess it all goes back to the archaic liquor laws in the US and gets even more befuddling from state to state. Some states believe that if you can't drink, you can't serve. I'm looking at you Cali, Alabama, Nevada, and Oklahoma just to name a few.

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Spencer W

Hope all is well with yourself and TSOB.  I thought I should write you a quick note telling you what's been going on.  In case you don't remember, my name is Spencer Wycoff and I graduated April 5th.  I did some traveling after and general goofing off.  But when I was ready to find a job, I gave you a ring.  You had me come by the school where you gave me a fresh job list.  THEN you sent several texts in the following days with hot leads.  Thank you SO much!

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Do you know who actually made your booze? The answer might surprise you.

Celebrity endorsement in the alcohol industry has been a staple of advertisers for decades. The origin of this can be traced back to the roots of the industry itself; just like any other business, as long as they have been making a product famous people have been pimping that product for insane amounts of money. The sky is blye, the water is wet, we all know this.

However, a handful of celebrities with an entrepreneurial spirit are taking it to the next level. Not content with just putting their mig in the commercials or on the bottles, celebrites are now specifiying how the liquors their names adorn are made and in some cases are opening their own distilleries to take the middleman totally out of the equation! 

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