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This class is 2 weeks long, 4 hours per day, one of which is TABC certification. You can do evenings or mornings which is nice for people who need one or the other...they're flexible, too, so talk to them about scheduling if you need to. The teachers are experienced and the fake alcohol does as well as it can possibly do compared to the real's hard to learn to layer drinks with it but you do learn how.

Kevin was a really good instructor. He knew his stuff and he was very patient. He is really interested in the art of mixology and you will do well to get him talking about it. He was a pleasure to learn from. Make sure he breathes fire for you...he'll teach you how if you want. Be careful! Malibu is a fun guy and has a lot of good stories about bartending. This is a bar setting so don't come around if you are easily offended. Malibu's forte is making drinks very quickly.

I didn't see Jim, the owner, much because I had the evening classes but the contact I did have with him showed he was fair and wants to do right by the students...he will expect you to do what you say you will do in return but that isn't much to ask at all.

I did learn a lot...wish there had been fewer students but I got the impression that my classes were a little heavier than normal.

One thing I suggest, during the time you are taking class or after, is go get some real alcohol…and spouts, glasses and a shaker...some mixers...and start making real ones. Look through your book and see which ones sound good...then go home and make them...use your friends are guinea pigs...they won't mind! 

Also, study, study, study and practice, practice, practice! Find ways to memorize your drinks...and don't cheat on tests! You won't be doing yourself any favors!