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While people may be losing their jobs in a declining economy, some people are taking unorthodox routes to work in an industry that may not see a decline during tough times.

Bartending schools have been seeing an increasing number of people taking classes for certification, and one bartending instructor said the declining economy has people looking for additional ways to make money.

"Not so many people losing their jobs, but more people that have jobs who are maybe in fear of losing their jobs and need just a little something for backup," said Justin Soloman, the director of the Texas School of Bartenders.

One student said she's prepared to make the $600 investment for classes. Gina Costilla, a student who also works for a mutual fund company, said business has slowed so much she's looking for something new.

"I came here just to make extra money," she said. "I don't want to live with my parents anymore."

While everybody learning said it's hard work, the school boasts a 90 percent job placement rate making between $15 and $30 per hour. "You know, that's the good thing about this industry," Solomon said. "People are always going to drink, no matter what.