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Attention Houston Beer Nerds

If you haven't heard there is a new Microbrewery in town and it is awesome!

There is a new kid in town to combat the evil forces of Anheuser Busch, Miller, and Coors. That kid is 'No Label' and let me tell you their brews taste like angel's outta taste. Nestled in the heart of old Katy near the grain silos off of I-10 sits their brewery, which is already being expanded. From there they are cranking out some of the best microbrews you will likely find here in Houston. The owner and brewmaster Brian Royo is a graduate of the University of Houston, but unlike the Cougars football team this year he is primed to take the city by storm. But enough about all that lets get to the beer!

*For all of you guys that don't know about beer ratings 'ABV' stands for 'Alcohol By Volume' (Bud Light is 4.2% for comparison) and 'IBU' stands for 'International Bitterness Units' the higher the number the more bitter the beer

El Hefe: A traditional German Hefeweizen. This beer is light and refreshing with strong notes of banana, cloves and citrus. Perfect for that hot summer day. Named after the boss of the house.

ABV = 5.5% IBU = 12

Pale Horse Ale: American Pale Ale with a significant amount of malts and hops. Slightly bitter but not overly hopped. Dry hopped with cascade for a nice floral aroma. Revelations 6:8

ABV = 5.8% IBU = 36

Ridgeback Ale: Dark American Amber with strong flavors of caramel and roasted malts. Balanced with just the right amount of Cascade and Golding hops for a sweet but slightly bitter ale. Named after our dog Hailey.

ABV = 6.1% IBU = 24

Don Jalapeno Ale: Don’t let the name scare you. This jalapeno ale is very drinkable with a slight spicy burn at the back end. Based off of our Pale Horse Ale, this beer is brewed with 60lbs of jalapenos. 30 lbs raw and 30lbs roasted (seeds included).

ABV = 6.7% IBU = 22.1

Black Wit-O: Uniquely different Dark Wheat Ale. This beer is brewed with a touch of Star Anise at the end of the boil giving it a clean smooth finish with a hint of liquorish. Caution, this beer will bite you if not careful.

ABV = 7% IBU = 10

Elda M: (Winter Seasonal) Milk Stout brewed with 10 different malts. Rich flavors of roasted and chocolate malts with a hint of coffee. This stout is creamy and sweet but not overly filling. Its perfect for a cold winter day. Best to let stout warm to 50-55F. This beer is named after the boat that Melanie Royo (one of our owners) grew up on in Panama ABV = 6.89% IBU = 25

Mint IPA: (Spring/Summer) This IPA has 11 hop additions using 5 different hops. The bouquet is of strong citrus and pine with a hint of spiciness. Initial tastes will follow the bouquet with citrus and pine followed by a soothing mint at the back end. The mint is very subtle and can be noticed as the beer warms.

ABV = 7.7% IBU = 125


My favorite of these is the Pale Horse but honestly you can't go wrong with any of them. If you would like to trythese out for yourself, and trust me you want to try all of these, No Label has beer tasings at the brewery on Saturday afternoons. Five bucks will get you in the door and a taste of the beers.

Word of advice from the pro, buy one of their No Label glasses and you get more beer!!

For directions or more information hit up their website at No Label Brewery and tell them Jason from the Texas School of Bartenders sent you by.