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It's 2 days before Halloween and I am very excited. It's my first Halloween behind the BAR!!! I am the shot girl at Logan's on 6th street. I started here about a week after graduating from TSOB in Austin. I am a student at U.T (Hook'em) and did not know if this was for me. I met with Jim Shearer and Malibu. They tried to persuade me to look at the upper end hotels because I am a student. THANKFULLY I did not listen to them. I must say I LOVED every second of my time there. If you want to have some fun with some great people then this is the school for you. I feel like I have made some very good friends with them and I encourage anyone with aspirations to bartend to go see them. Come see me Friday night.

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Larry D.

Hi Guys, Jim, Kevin and Malibu. Thanks for the HOOK up at Logan's on 6th street. I cannot wait until Friday night. It will be my first Halloween behind the bar. I am hearing 400.00 Friday night... I cannot thank you all enough. You guys are fantastic and I loved every second of my time with you all. To anyone out there wanting to learn how to get behind the bar and make money. These guys can show you the way. I KNEW NOTHING about bartending when I started. The school exceeded all my expectations. Come see me @ Logan’s....

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I never do this kind of thing but I have to say "Joe Bartender" does not know what he is talking about. The Boyz at TSOB know what they are doing forward and backwards. I went to the Austin location 2 years ago and trained under Jim Shearer. I am the General Manager at The Steven F. Austin Hotel and would have NEVER been in the position without the guidance of Mr. Shearer. I will always be thankful to Texas School of Bartenders. If you want a great experience go see these guys. You will not be sorry. Come see me sometime.

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Dale P.

Texas School of Bartenders is a great school. My instructor Kevin not only is a great instructor but teaches some Flair. I am very pleased that I attended Texas School of Bartenders. The one thing that really sticks out is how much the guys care about each student finding their place in the industry once you are finished. I was the oldest student at the school. You know the one HURT by the economy!! Well it's been a huge gearshift for me. I am up and making excellent Money right now. 1 week or like 7 working days I got a job at Barton Creek Country Club. I LOVE IT!!! If you want to get train to bartend, these are the ONLY guys to go see. They have been in business since 1988 and have all the contacts.

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