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As Featured on KSAT TV

While people may be losing their jobs in a declining economy, some people are taking unorthodox routes to work in an industry that may not see a decline during tough times.

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Donna Perri

Great presentation and what a good looking teacher!!!!! In all seriousness, I think learning to bartend in this day and age is a job that you can always use, either to totally support yourself or to supplement your income while raising your children. You can have the balance of both worlds, work hard, enjoy what you do and to be proud. Keep up the good work, we are proud of you!

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I attended TSOB-San Antonio. The bar I was working for as a server decided to send me to (this) school for bartender training to help out in the bar. I thought it was a bunch of BS, but I ended up learning so much from (the instructor)! He's an awesome instructor. He's fun, cute, and knows what he's talking about. I'm a college student and he was even better at teaching than some of my college professors! Bartending is the only way I supplement my income, so when I graduated from TSOB and after 2 months behind the bar they made me bar manager, I was stoked! If you need extra cash, you've got to go to TSOB!

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Dallas Parks

This is Dallas Parks ... I went to the Texas school of Bartenders in San Antonio ... the instructor is Great as well as the school . I am bartending at the Marriott Downtown .. What can I say... I would have never ever been considered without the training from Texas School of Bartenders..... If you are looking to make a change go see 'em... they flat out get it...

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Bartending school is always a good option. I went to bartending school back when I was living in a big city and ended up working in a restaurant making about $500 a night in tips alone. Having been down that road, I can honestly tell you that the key to a good bartending school is a knowledgeable instructor who's been around and knows the industry and also someone who's down with what's hot and what's not. For example there are some bartending schools that will teach drinks that were popular in the 1960's. In other words...stuff that nobody orders. While it's always good to know the classics, you've also got to stay on top of what people are really drinking at your local bars. A good school will stay on top of the latest trends. Plus always look for an instructor that makes things fun. Remember, even though it's bartending, you still have to pay attention if you want to learn anything. Why not have fun while doing it?

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Duane Logue

I went to Bartending school 13 years ago and got a good gig right out the box, it was a job referral, not a job lead. The school was awesome and I was sent right to a place that called them for a bartender and I have been bartending since. I have taken my career to another level doing a lot of private consuting and managing, making $65,000.00 a year at this time. My experience working with other graduates over the years has been very positive, but the ones that struggle to find a job basically suck at interviewing and don't have very good interpersonal skills and are not aggressive in their interviewing. I have a Masters Degree and never made over $42,000.00 in a 20-year career and spent $60,000.00 getting it. For $600.00 I became a bartender and expect to make at least $70,000.00 this year. Thank God for Bartending School.

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