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The Martini Manifesto

The Martini; quite possible the most enigmatic cocktail in the world today. Once hailed as "The only American invention as perfect as a Shakespearean sonnet", the martini has now become a bastardized version of a cocktail that is hardly recognizable as nothing short of a miasma of fruit flavors that is basically diabetes in a glass. Today, we eschew all the frou-frou, neon colored, sickly sweet "martinis" and get back to the roots of the king of cocktails.

The history of the martini has been the subject of a much heated debate that has been raging for the last century and a half. The first published recipe for a martini as we know it appeared in the Bartenders Manual circa 1888. The Italian wine company Martini & Rossi claims that the drink was invented and named for their brand of vermouth 6 years later. However, the oldest claim (and most credible if you ask me) comes from the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco. It is speculated that the martini evolved from a cocktail named the "Martinez" cocktail that was named after a town 10 miles northeast of Frisco.  Of course the good people of Martinez say that the cocktail was invented there, not in the city by the bay. But enough about history, I really don't want to put you people to sleep. 

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