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Drinking for the win!

It's Super Bowl time kiddos and that can mean only one thing....TIME FOR A DRINKING GAME! Now normally on this blog I espouse the beauty of all things distilled but, even for big boy drinkers, its time to put away the hard liquor and stick to beer unless you want your liver to end up like a scene from "Saw".  Grab a cold one (or eleventy), pick a team , and LET'S DO THIS!! 



  • Sip anytime that the thermometer is shown at Met Life Field
  • Sip anytime an announcer mentions that Peyton could be the first QB to win a Super Bowl with two different teams
  • Sip anytime an announcer mentions Sherman talking too much or Lynch not talking enough
  • Chug anytime one of the announcers mentions the Mannings and their "Legacy"
  • Slam your beer if any announcer makes a joke about the "Weed Bowl"


  • Sip anytime Manning says "OMAHA!" obviously 
  • Sip anytime they show Manning the Lesser or Manning the Elder (Eli and Archie) on TV
  • Sip anytime Manning completes a pass to a white guy
  • Chug anytime someone with the last name "Thomas" catches a ball
  • Chug anytime they show Elway and you cant tell if its him or the Broncos logo
  • Put your beer down and slam your head into the wall if anyone mentions Tebow


  • Sip anytime you see a Seahawks fan with the number 12 on any of their gear (and feel sorry for them that they had to pay Texas A&M to use that since they are so unoriginal)
  • Sip anytime the announcers say "Legion of Boom" or "Beast Mode"
  • Sip anyime a player is on screen with hair longer than your wife/girlfriend 
  • Sip anytime Pete Carroll high fives a player
  • Chug if Joe Buck explains the Lynch-Skittles nickname like you haven't heard about it before 
  • Chug if Fox shows people either throwing fish or making coffee coming out of a commerical 

**If you dont have a team and just want to get jacked up take 50 sips**


  • Sip anytime pyrotechnics are used
  • Sip anytime someone next to the stage looks like they have no idea where they are
  • Chug if there is a wardrobe malfunction or ant of the Chili Peppers get topless
  • Slam your beer and the next one (and consider your life choices) if you know any of the lyrics to a Bruno Mars song
  • Slam your beer and chunk the bottle into the nearest wall if Miley Cyrus makes a surprise appearance


  • Pick a company (Papa John's, Bud, GoDaddy, M&M's etc...) and drink when their commerical come on
  • Sip anytime you see cleavage in a ad
  • Sip anyitme you see a Clydesdale
  • Sip anytime something that can't talk actually does
  • Chug anytime you see a monkey in a suit 
  • Chug anytime a female in the crowd says "awwwww"
  • Chug anytime you see a trailer for a movie that looks pants on your head retarded
  • Chug anytime you see a washed up actor you haven't seen in at least 5 years
  • Slam you drink if you say WTF was that after a commercial