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Duane Logue

I went to Bartending school 13 years ago and got a good gig right out the box, it was a job referral, not a job lead. The school was awesome and I was sent right to a place that called them for a bartender and I have been bartending since. I have taken my career to another level doing a lot of private consuting and managing, making $65,000.00 a year at this time. My experience working with other graduates over the years has been very positive, but the ones that struggle to find a job basically suck at interviewing and don't have very good interpersonal skills and are not aggressive in their interviewing. I have a Masters Degree and never made over $42,000.00 in a 20-year career and spent $60,000.00 getting it. For $600.00 I became a bartender and expect to make at least $70,000.00 this year. Thank God for Bartending School.