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How old do you have to be to bartend???

I have been talking to people about the bartending business for a VERY long time. Without fail one of the top questions I am always asked is, "How old do you have to be to bartend in Texas?".

It always amazes me that a bunch of fairly intelligent people don't know the answer to this question. I guess it all goes back to the archaic liquor laws in the US and gets even more befuddling from state to state. Some states believe that if you can't drink, you can't serve. I'm looking at you Cali, Alabama, Nevada, and Oklahoma just to name a few.

Some states are even more silly like Indiana. The Hoosier state, in all of its infinte wisdom, says that at 19 you can ring up an alcoholic beverage, BUT YOU STILL CAN'T SERVE IT!?!? Yet another reason that if I ever leave the great state of Texas you bet I will not set foot in Indiana.

Even more strange is Illinois where you can serve at the age of 18...unless you are in the windy city of Chicago (which is the third largest in the nation) then you have to wait till you are 21.

These states, and city, hold the belief that if you aren't old enough to drink, you aren't old enough to serve. Luckily for us Lone Star Staters, our state is not one of them. 

Here in Texas you only have to be 18 to bartend!! GOD BLESS TEXAS!!


If you are not one of the cool kids who live in Texas, check out this map to find out the age requirement in your state.
















Knowing that, we now get into another question I get asked ad nauseum, "Do places REALLY hire bartenders under 21?". The answer to this question is OF COURSE THEY DO! I am sure you have heard of the phrase, "Different strokes for different folks" right? Well, the same applies in the bar business! There are a plethora of different types of bars in the world, meaning there are a plethora of bartenders working in those bars! A bar with a clietele that skews younger (like a nightlcub on 6th street or clubs in downtown Houston) looks to hire people around the same age of their clientele. Now on the flip side of the coin...

Am I too old to bartend???

Again, different strokes for different folks! Bars that skew to an older clientele (like hotels in Midtwon and country clubs in River Oaks or Highland Park) also hire older and more mature bartenders to relate to their customers! I have heard horror stories from people about soul sucking corporate jobs who are ready to find a different path or just make some money part time and they always turn to bartending. The reason: BARS ARE ALWAYS HIRING! If the economy sucks and everybody is broke, then people drink to forget their problems. If the economy is great, people are out celebrating. A professional bartender can make money anywhere and can switch jobs pretty easily to fit their needs and tastes. 

Long stoy short...This is a job for ANYONE and EVERYONE to make some good money and have a blast doing it! If you are interested in becoming a bartender you can check out the rest of this site and click on 'Request More Info' or you can just give a shout right now at 713.522.4600