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Spencer W

Hope all is well with yourself and TSOB.  I thought I should write you a quick note telling you what's been going on.  In case you don't remember, my name is Spencer Wycoff and I graduated April 5th.  I did some traveling after and general goofing off.  But when I was ready to find a job, I gave you a ring.  You had me come by the school where you gave me a fresh job list.  THEN you sent several texts in the following days with hot leads.  Thank you SO much!

I am now bartending @ a bowling center and I love it.  You and TSOB gave me such a strong foundation that I was alone for the last hour or so on my 3rd day (last Friday night).  And get 4th day I worked 6 to 1am ALONE on a Saturday night.  I had to change two kegs on the fly and clean up after a blender fiasco, but no one had to wait long and my drinks were DEAD ON!  Naturally there are some slight recipe differences with big bowls, signature drinks, etc.  But with what I learned from you at TSOB (my pours are perfect everytime), I was able to hit the ground running and easily adapt to any changes.  Easily the best $600 I have ever spent.
I guess this was just a long winded way to say THANK YOU!  Sincerely, thank you.  Not only did you do a great job teaching me, you also spent some effort after I was gone.  And who knows?  I might need to call again someday.  I'm not throwing your info away.  That's for damn sure.  Thanks again bro.
Take care,
Spencer Wycoff