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What the BLEEP is 'Molecular Mixology'!?!?!

If you are in the alcohol industry (and why are you here if you aren't?) I am sure you have heard the phrase 'Molecular Mixology' bandied about in your local watering hole.  Like most people, you probably have no clue what this phrase means other than it will probably jack up the price of your drink by about 10 bucks, which it probably will. But what most don't realize is that the price of that 'drink' is worth it! I put the word 'drink' in quotes because after your mixologist is done with it, it will no longer resemble a drink as much as a work of art, but more on that later. Lets start at the beginning, the molecular level if you will .  Nope, not gonna do that, this is serious business. 

Molecular mixology, by its purest definition, is a subdiscipline of food science that seeks to investigate, explain, and make practical use of the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur while subjecting ingredients to heat, cold, pressure, or other stimuli as well as the social, artistic, and technical components of the culinary and gastronomic phenomena in gereral.

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