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Show us your ti.....errr.......DRINKS!!

Close you eyes (metaphorically of course unless you don't want to continue reading) and you can hear the accordians wailing from down on Rue Bourbon. You can smell the benigets wafting out of the windows of the Cafe Du Monde. You can see the beads flying over your head to the masses of bare breasted lasses in the crowd (big fan by the way). You can feel the collective Blood Alcohol Content of an entire population rising. It is that time of year again kids....MARDI GRAS IS HERE! 


A tradition unilke any other is upon us once again. Once an excuse to eat all the unhealthy foods you wanted before the fasting of Lent, Mardi Gras has now evolved into an excuse to throw a week long party where anything goes and often, everything comes off. But if you are like me chilling with 100,000 drunk people on Bourbon Street, also known as the worlds longest urinal, is far from the ideal way to spend a few hazy days. Well, luckily for you, you don't have to go to Mardi Gras to drink like it. Follow the intsructions below and you will be talking like a crazy cajun in no time. 

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