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Do you know who actually made your booze? The answer might surprise you.

Celebrity endorsement in the alcohol industry has been a staple of advertisers for decades. The origin of this can be traced back to the roots of the industry itself; just like any other business, as long as they have been making a product famous people have been pimping that product for insane amounts of money. The sky is blye, the water is wet, we all know this.

However, a handful of celebrities with an entrepreneurial spirit are taking it to the next level. Not content with just putting their mig in the commercials or on the bottles, celebrites are now specifiying how the liquors their names adorn are made and in some cases are opening their own distilleries to take the middleman totally out of the equation! 

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God Bless Texas....Booze!

It has been no secret that for the past few years Texas has seen a boom in the craft beer scene. We were a little slow to embrace the micro brews that many other states have grown to love but now that we have, Texas has some of the best micro brews in the nation. Some of which you probably already know and love. Names like St. Arnold and Shiner have a nationwide following but some others like Karbach, Silver Star, and No Label (which I profiled here) are the up and coming superstars of the Texas beer world. 

What a lot of people don't know is that Texas is also having a renaissance in the micro distillery business as well. When talking about liquors, most people will tell you that the best bourbon has to come from Kentucky or Tennessee, rum from the Caribbean, gin from England, so on and so forth. While that used to be the case, it is far from the turth nowadays. Being the proud Texan that I am, I thought I would school you a little bit about some damn fine spirits coming right out of the heart of the Lone Star State. 

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