​Online Bartending Courses

If you’ve been searching for online bartending courses, or any kind of bartending schools or training, you will find a lot of options. But the first question you should ask is, will an online bartending course help me at all? Will I learn anything? Will prospective employers care? How will it help me to find a bartending job? The simple answer is, it won’t help.

If you’re just looking to spend a couple of hours learning some drink recipes, then just go buy a book. There are thousands of bar recipe books available for $10 or less. That’s what you’re going to learn at an online bartending course. Drink recipes. Not a bad thing to know, but it in no way will prepare you to be a bartender.

To be a professional bartender, you must have the following bartender training:

  • Learning behind a real bar. How can you bartend if you’ve never tended bar? That’s why it’s called a bartender, not a drink maker. You need to know how to use the drink guns, find your bottles, organize your bar and tools, work with others behind a bar, use a register, make multiple drinks at a time, make drinks at bar height, and do it all fast. You just can’t do that on the internet.


  • Bartender Techniques. Shaking, stirring, measuring, cleaning, cutting, garnishing, mixing…there is a right way to do things. You will walk away from our bartending schools knowing the tricks of the trade. You can’t learn it in a book or online.


  • Drink Recipes. You learn 150 recipes at our school, and you’re tested on these drinks. So you actually learn them. You could memorize 150 drink recipes online, but it would be really difficult with no one to judge how you’re doing.


  • Speed testing. Anyone can make a drink following a recipe. But how do you do it really accurately, and really fast, with maybe 4 or 5 drinks to make for one group of customers? Speed training is of the ultimate importance in bartend training.

Something Else – Job Placement Assistance

At Texas School of Bartenders in Houston, Austin and Dallas, we help place our graduates in their bartending jobs at local restaurants, bars and clubs. We’ve been in business for over 3 decades, so we have more contacts in our cities than we can handle. We often have more job inquiries come in than we have students to fill those jobs. Our job placement isn’t a guaranteed job, but it is a big step up in your future bartending career.

​A Letter from the Owners of Texas School of Bartenders

Dear Prospective Student, 

Over the past few years, many different “Online Bartending Courses” have started appearing on the internet, with names like bartendingcollegeonline.com, and bartendingschoolonline.com. Some are even advertising as free bartending schools.

Each of these programs claim to be owned by “true” bartending schools. They refer to these as “brick and mortar schools.” It appears that both online and “true” schools are profitable for them. I have been successfully training and placing bartenders since 1987 (over 30 years of experience), so I figured it was in my school’s best interest to investigate “Online Bartending Courses.” I wanted to see if we might be missing the boat, since training bartenders is what I do for a living. My final conclusion was…There is no way you can learn to bartend on-line! Plain and simple, this is a very hands-on job and it must be learned that way. If “Online Bartending Courses” really worked, we would be the leaders in it.

Ask yourself this question. Can you learn how to drive a car online without behind-the-wheel experience? 

You know how when you go to the doctor’s office and they have their framed diploma hanging on the wall to show you that they went to a school and learned enough to graduate… and then you see that maybe they graduated from the “Fun-time Island school of Medicine” and you are a little worried about this guy maybe removing an organ instead of sewing you up with three stitches? Well, it’s the same thing with bartending schools. There is no way possible that you can learn to be a bartender online. NO WAY. All they do is make you memorize drink recipes. Why not just go buy a book and read that? It’s the same amount of knowledge taught there. At TEXAS SCHOOL OF BARTENDERS, we teach a hands-on technique class, including all the information about liquors, beer and wine; as well as making sure that you are proficiently fast enough to work in a high-volume establishment and sound like you might actually know your way around a bar. How can you say you’re a bartender when you’ve never even tended behind a real bar? DON’T BE FOOLED INTO THINKING YOU GET TRAINING FROM THE ONLINE SCHOOLS – YOU DO NOT! Everyone knows that, including bar and restaurant owners and managers, your prospective employers.

We’d love to talk with you about our schools, see if they are a good fit for you, work out an affordable payment plan, and teach you how to become a professional bartender.


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